“Wow does this work!”

“I have to say I didn’t think I’d be leaving a review after one run. But wow does this work! We have only been running 3 miles a day because it’s August in Florida and today with the Coolvio coat we not only went 4 miles but he didn’t pull me into the shade, didn’t try to roll in wet grass and his water consumption was half! I am so impressed and it was well worth the money. Also, his harness didn’t impede on the coat at all”

— Casey K. & Sammy, St. Petersburg FL (Facebook)



Light Therapy for Dogs

Coolvio® Patented Fabric Emits Healthy Red and Near-Infrared Light. This is the same light used by veterinarians in laser therapy on dogs to reduce pain and inflammation, speed wound healing, increase energy and performance, reduce anxiety, and boost optimal health.


Year-Round Comfort

The new technology in bArctic fabric creates a microclimate that warms in cool temps, acts as a cooling shirt in the hot sun, reduces risk of overheating, and provides UV protection.This allows your dog to comfortably spend more time outside year-round, soaking up healthy rays of sunlight known to be essential for optimal health.

Does your dog spend too much time inside?


Did you know that dogs need sunlight to stay happy and healthy, just like humans do? That’s right: natural light plays an important role in your dog’s circadian rhythms, energy levels, critical hormone production, and even longevity. As we are now indoors more than ever, it’s even more important that we make the most of our time outside, soaking up the benefits of healthy light as much as we can.


That’s where the bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt comes in!

Year-Round Benefits

In cooler, winter months when sunlight is limited, your dog can benefit from the Coolvio® patented fabric technology that converts sunlight into healthy, red and near-infrared light and provides a layer for warmth; in the hot, sunny summer, your dog experiences the bonus of staying cool and being protected from sunburn. 

“This is an incredible product!”

“We did a short test hike today, 7 miles on a partly shady/partly sunny trail in 80 degree (real feel 90) and Jinx was like a different dog. It was amazing and even my hiking partner noticed a difference. This is an incredible product!”

— Terri B. & Jinx, Dauphin, PA (Facebook)


Worried about your dog overheating?

We‘ll help you keep your dog‘s fur up to +30°F cooler in the hot sun with our bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt.

Works When Dry As A Cooling Shirt In The Hot Sun - Up to +30°F Cooler

After one hour outside in the sun, our bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt kept Audrey's fur +30°F degrees cooler than in direct sunlight without using any water. A moment after removing her bArctic, Audrey’s fur heated up over 30 degrees. The bArctic creates a micro-climate to help keep your dog comfortable.

With bArctic (98.6°F)

Thermal photo showing dog temperature at 98.7F degrees

Without bArctic (129.7°F)

Thermal photo showing dog temperature at 129.7F degrees

Thermal images above were captured using FLIR, the world leader in the design, and manufacturer of thermal imaging infrared cameras. View detailed PDF

”Even mild overheating is considered a veterinary emergency.“

 — Dr. Colleen Smith, founder of Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute

Dr. Colleen Smith, DVM, CVA, CVCP and founder of Chattanooga Holistic Veterinary Institute and President to the board for the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) and Courtney Holscher, DVM share their thoughts about the bArctic Light Therapy + Cooling Dog Shirt.

Dr. Holscher says her agility dog, Ella, trains outside in the heat in her bArctic and “it really helps keep her cool, and improves her times, helps her to not get overheated and not as tired as quickly.”

bArctic vs. Other Dog Wearables

bArctic vs. Other Dog Wearables
UV Protection
Coolvio® Patented Fabric
Cutting Edge Optics and Laser Science Technology
Light Therapy
Emits Healthy Red and Near-Infrared Light
Same light wavelenths used by veterinarians in laser therapy
Year-round light energy benefits (won't make your dog cold in cool temps)
Increases energy
Boosts performance
Supports optimal cellular function
Coolvio® fabric works in direct sunlight and ambient light
Does not block healthy wavelengths of sunlight that dogs need
Cooling — Works When Dry
Fabric does not trap and absorb sun’s energy, which creates heat
All day wearable shade — lasts all day
FLIR®—tech proven to keep dog fur up to +30°F cooler
Works in humid conditions
Breathable fabric design
Does not heat up like other fabric
Cooling — Works When Wet
Natural evaporation creates cooling effect
Maintains fit and lightweight
Full coverage for maximum protection
UV protection
Can be worn with a harness
100% made in the USA
Key: = Yes, = No, = Varies

“It Works!”

“Living in SE Florida is so hot and Biggie gets overheated so easily. We usually have to stop to let him lay in the grass for a few minutes every block, in addition to water breaks. Tonight was the first time we only stopped for our water breaks and Biggie led the way for the full 45 min walk thanks to his new Coolvio shirt! I have no idea how it works, but it definitely WORKS! Biggie and I THANK YOU!!!”

— Amy M. (Facebook)


How Coolvio® Patented Fabric Technology Works

Just imagine the comfort your active dog will enjoy in the shade-like environment of a dog shirt where sunlight, including 98% of all UVA and UVB light, is converted into healthy red and near-infrared light!

Light Therapy

Works When Dry

Works When Wet

Sun Protection

Durable, Lightweight, Breathable, Stretchy + Comfy

Made for Easy Clean-up