White Fabric Comparison

Coolvio® patented fabric provides UV protection without blocking red and near-infrared light that mitochondria of mammalian cells need.

White fabric (used in most fly sheets for horses) reflects sunlight, including UV light, hence absorbs very little of the sun’s energy which is why it does not heat up like colored fabric.  However, white fabric, and other UV protection, blocks the healthy light, depriving the cells of the energy they need, leaving your dog or horse feeling drained.

Sunlight itself does not have heat, it is only when the light is absorbed and trapped that the energy builds up and creates mid and far infrared heat.  When UV light is absorbed into the skin, it gets trapped and creates this heat.  Instead, Coolvio®  patented fabric absorbs the sun’s energy and repurposes it into the healthy light that goes into the body and supports hydration, energy, endurance, and  overall better health and comfort while protecting from 98% of UV light. In hot climates, our lightweight fabric provides a healthy UV protection while staying cool. In cold climates, our heavier woven fabric provides warmth without blocking the healthy light horses are deprived of with other fabric or from being inside.

UV protection no longer has to be unhealthy! 

It’s Coolvio!