Origin Story

This is Audrey, she is the inspiration for our bArctic dog shirt.
Audrey Beach Jump

Above all else — food, sleep and even cuddles, fetch is what Audrey lives for. She’s full of energy and happy to play all day! It’s hard to wear her out! Except in the heat of the sun at the beach on April 28, 2019. After a few minutes of jumping for a frisbee, she just couldn’t take the heat and was headed for the shade tent, panting and in search of water!

Frustrated and concerned, Linda (one of our founders) tried her Lumiton shirt on Audrey to see if she would get some relief. Almost immediately, Audrey was back to her normal self and played non-stop the rest of the day – as you can see in this photo!

We found a solution to beat the heat and have more playtime outside with our dog. We want you to have the same experience!