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Dog(s) Name: DaisyMae
bArtic Cooling Light Therapy Shirt
Hi Victoria! Thanks so much for your review. We are so happy DaisyMae is enjoying her bArctic shirt. If you have any photos of DaisyMae in her bArctic, we would love to see them. Take care!
Dog(s) Name: Stewie
What we did not know we needed!
Hi Heide!  Stewie is very handsome in his bArctic shirt.  We are very happy that Stewie could go to the beach and you didn't have to worry about him. Thanks for your feedback!
Dog(s) Name: Lexie
From Canada to the Carolinas
Hi Alana!  Wow, this is great.  We are glad that you are able to spend more time with Lexie outdoors in the summer, especially on the boat.
Dog(s) Name: Frida Frederiksen
Frida loves her Coolvio
Hi Laura! Thanks for your review. We are very happy that Frida loves her bArctic shirt and is more comfortable on her walks. Take care!
Dog(s) Name: Oliver
Oliver is staying cool!
Hi Aundrea! This is music to our ears. It is great that Oliver is staying cooler and is able to play longer in the sun. Thanks for sharing!
Dog(s) Name: Biggie Munn
Keeping Cool In Sunny South Florida
Hi Amy! This is wonderful. We are thrilled that the bArctic is helping Biggie Munn be able to enjoy his walks even more. Go Biggie Munn!
Dog(s) Name: Chewie
Sunny days!
Hi Natasha! Chewie is such a cutie. We are glad that the bArctic is helping him stay cooler and be protected from the hot sun. Keep us updated on Chewie's outdoor adventures. Thanks!
Dog(s) Name: Amber
Good days on the porch!
Hi Sara! We are happy that the bArctic is helping Amber stay cooler and more energized while doing one of her favorite activities. Thanks for sharing!
Dog(s) Name: Ted E. Bear
Wants to wear all the time

Hi Julie! Ted E. Bear is a cutie. We are glad that he loves his shirt so much that he wants to wear it all the time. Thanks for sharing.

Dog(s) Name: Kona

Hi Cyndy! We are so glad that Kona is enjoying his bArctic shirt. We are also happy that you are seeing a big difference when he is wearing his shirt. Thanks for sharing!

Dog(s) Name: Fozzie
Game changer!
Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your wonderful feedback. It make us so happy to hear. The bArctic has been a game changer for many dogs and their owners, and we are glad that you and Fozzie are also experiencing all the wonderful benefits.
Dog(s) Name: Stella Rose
Stella LOVES her bActic shirt!
Hi Krista! Stella Rose is so cute. We are glad that she is staying cool at the beach, especially in the Florida heat. Take care!
Dog(s) Name: Wicca
Wicca loves her shirt!
Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for sharing. One of the reasons why we invented the bArctic was to help dogs from overheating. Knowing that it is helping Wicca makes us extremely happy!
Dog(s) Name: Betty Boop
Awesome Shirt

We are so happy that you love our bArctic and that Betty Boop is benefiting from it. Our goal was to help dogs stay cooler, more comfortable, and have more playtime outside with their owners, and we are so excited that we can do that for you and Betty Boop.

Dog(s) Name: Teddy
Very pleased with the shirt

Hi Debi! We are very happy to know that you are pleased with the shirt and that Teddy loves wearing it. Thanks for sharing!

Dog(s) Name: Jinx
This is an incredible product!
This makes us so happy! The reason why we invented the bArctic was so dogs and their owners could spend more quality time together outside. We are thrilled to know that the bArctic is making a positive impact!
Dog(s) Name: Sammy
Wow! This does work!
Hi Casey! This is Linda Coad, co-founder and CEO of Coolvio. I literally just did a happy dance when I read your recommendation. Your experience is exactly what I saw with my Audrey last year at the beach and our reason WHY we started Coolvio.
Dog(s) Name: Cruz
It was a lifesaver!

We are glad that you love the bArctic and that it is helping to keep Cruz from overheating! Thanks for sharing. We appreciate it.

Significantly cooler than the exposed fur.
Thanks for your feedback. We are delighted that you noticed a significant difference. We have also heard from other owners saying that our orange color helps them to see their dogs better. Please keep us posted on Bandit.