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Dog(s) Name: Ryder
Huge Difference In Energy Level and Recovery Time!

Ryder loves nothing more than to chase his ball but when it is warm out he will exhaust himself to the point of nearly passing out on a couple of occasions. When he has his bArctic shirt on though, we can tell a huge difference in his energy level and recovery time. Plus he looks adorable in it!

It is great that Ryder can keep the fun going when he is in his bArctic. We invented the bArctic for this reason - so dogs and their owners can spend more time together outside. The action photos are awesome and he does look adorable in his bArctic!

Amazing product! must have for summer!

We love our bArctic shirt!! I am so glad to finally have a brand I trust to keep my girl safe in the warmer months. She is a relentless retriever mix and won't slow down for anything. Heat stroke has always been a concern but I feel much better knowing she has this shirt to properly keep her safe from the heat. It also doubles as a great high visibility shirt for low light situations. thank you CoolVio/bArctic team for your product and dedication to dog safety!

Hi Olivia! It was so nice to read your review. We are delighted to know that you and Hattie love the bArctic shirt. We are also happy that Hattie is keeping cooler and staying highly visible in low light situations. We have heard that the bright orange color makes it easier for people to spot their dog, especially in a crowd of dogs. Take care and please keep us posted on Hattie's adventures!

Surprisingly cool to the touch!

I have been meaning to send this picture to you for sometime now - better late than never.  Shortly after you shipped me the two cooling jackets, my two Afghan Hounds competed in a lure coursing event near Milwaukee.  It was hot and they needed a cool down. To be honest, when I was putting them on, I was pretty skeptical that they would do anything. Everybody else was using something involving water.  Normally after competing, I can feel the heat radiating off them, especially the black one.  To my surprise, when I put my hand under the jackets a few minutes after putting them on, both of them felt cool to the touch.  And, as you can see, they were lounging pretty comfortably.

Hi Bruce! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. We are thrilled when we get wonderful feedback from our customers, everything from keeping dogs cooler and more comfortable, to improved energy and endurance. We are glad that you could feel a remarkable difference when your dogs wore their bArctics. Please keep in touch, we would love to hear more about your dogs' adventures.

Four paws up for my bArctic!

I love wearing my bArctic at the beach! Being able to run and play all day without overheating is amazing. There are so many sky squirrels (seagulls) to chase and I’m able to chase them to my heart’s content while wearing my bArctic!

I’ve also worn it to the dog park and it helped keep me clean and cool during the hot summer days. While the other dogs were slowing down, I was able to keep going!

Way to go Mia! We are happy that your bArctic allows you to chase the seagulls and your dog friends without slowing down, so you can keep having fun. Please keep us posted on your adventures! We look forward to seeing more pictures. ❤️

Dog(s) Name: Maple
Loves wearing her bArctic!

Maple loves wearing her bArctic on walks. She also loves💕 wearing her shirt even in the house!

We are glad that Maple loves her bArctic. It fits perfectly!

Perfect for sun protection and cooling!

Ollie and Bentley are American Hairless Terriers that love going outside and having fun, but they need the bArctic shirts for sun protection, not only for cooling them down.

Hi Magdalena! The bArctic is perfect for hairless breeds and we are glad that Ollie and Bentley are staying protected and cool in the sun. Another great benefit of the bArctic is that it does not block the healthy light that their bodies need. Take care and keep us posted on their outdoor adventures.

it works well

very impressed how the dogs on hot and humid weather!

Hi Mikki,

Thanks for your review! It makes us happy to know that your dogs love their bArctics and that it is keeping them cooler in Japan. Take care!

Love My bArctic!🐾

This is my favorite shirt ever. When my Dogma gets it out for me, I run over to put it on (I don’t do that with other outfits~ especially my raincoat!). It fits pawfectly, is lightweight, and I look so sporty in it. I can’t wait to see how cool it keeps me in summer, besides looking cool 😎 This is my second bArctic. I won the first and so I really wanted to thank this small business by purchasing a second one! Sincerely, Teddy Graham

Hi Teddy! We are delighted that you LOVE your bArctic shirt ❄️and that it fits perfectly! You do look cool in your shirt. Please keep us posted on all your adventures! ❤️

Dog(s) Name: Silas and Brinkley
Cools down much more quickly

The boys are using their shirts daily. It appears to help Brinkley quite a bit during our morning walks. He cools down much more quickly than before he was wearing it.

Thanks Bruce! Hearing this makes us incredibly happy, especially knowing that it is helping Brinkley cool down more quickly. Please keep us posted on the boys!

Loves hiking in his bArctic!

Brewer loves hiking in his bArctic shirt. The shirt is a good fit, with great material and easily washable!

We are delighted that Brewer loves his shirt and that it is a great fit! Please stay in touch and keep us posted on Brewer's hiking adventures.

Can't wait for our many adventures with the bArctic!

I received my bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt today, and I’m so thrilled. It fits my dog perfectly, and doesn’t impede his movement at all. He didn’t even put up a fuss wearing it like so many of his other clothes. Chilicheese often struggles in the heat, so I look forward to using it in hot weather to keep him cool on our many adventures!

Hi Becky! Chilicheese is adorable! The fit is perfect! We are happy that the bArctic will help Chilicheese stay cool during his summer adventures!

Dog(s) Name: Ivee
Can stay poolside longer!

Since Ivee had some really tough times before coming into our family, we like to keep her as pampered as possible. She was left by her previous owner chained up at the back of the house, starving, with a 5 cm ruptured tumor growing on her neck. Saved by a good Samaritan, she was brought into MidAtlantic Pug Rescue to care for her and her medical needs. Needless to say, we fostered her and never let her leave. In the summer, you will find Ivee relaxing in a lounge chair, by the pool. During the summer, she had to limit her time outside, due to the heat. But since she started wearing her bArctic shirt, which keeps her cooler for extended periods of time, she can stay poolside even longer! This sweet senior Bulldog is living the carefree life she deserves and thanks to the bArctic, she can enjoy her favorite activity even more.

Hi Kim! We are happy that Ivee is part of your family and is getting all the love she deserves. We are also happy that the bArctic is allowing Ivee to enjoy the pool longer! Thanks for sharing and please keep us updated on Ivee.

Dog(s) Name: Faith
Staying cool, comfortable, and protected

Faith was dumped on the side of the road, with fresh burns on 40% of her little body. Left to fend for herself, she was picked up by the local animal control, taken to the shelter, and finally taken in by MidAtlantic Pug Rescue. Faith went through months of care and treatment for her burns. That was 2013. Today, Faith is a happy, friendly, snuggly girl who loves going for walks, attending fundraisers for her rescue, and swimming with her family. Due to her hairless scars, she needs sunscreen applied every day or a t-shirt to prevent sunburn. Finding this bArctic shirt helps keep Faith cool and covered! She wears it mostly in the summer to keep her from getting overheated or from reburning her scars. When she has a fundraising event, this shirt is perfect for the long day of educating people about rescue and responsible dog ownership. I don’t have to worry that her skin is exposed and I know she is staying cool and comfortable.

Hi Kim! We are glad that Faith is now living a loved-filled life with your family.  It is also wonderful that the bArctic shirt keeps Faith cool and protects her scars from sunburn. With the bArctic, you no longer have to worry about applying messy sunscreen to Faith's scars. Also, unlike sunscreen and UV block, the bArctic allows healthy light in. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on Faith.

A summer must have!

We use her bArctic shirt for kayaking, swimming, and lots of hiking to keep her cool in the summer. 

Thanks so much for your comments. We are happy that Kira enjoys her shirt and that it is keeping her cool during your fun summer activities.

Dog(s) Name: Sweetie

How do you put this on your dog? Looking for a video showing how to put it on a big dog. See a big orange collar on several dogs. Is that part of the coat? Sorry for asking questions this way but couldn't find another way to contact you. Thanks.

Hi Kathleen, Thank you for your questions. I emailed you a video showing how George, a senior dog and a 2XL size, puts on and takes off his bArctic shirt. Also, the orange collar is part of the shirt. The large collar provides more neck coverage to help keep the dog's neck stay cooler, which is important. There is also a buttonhole in the collar for attaching a leash. Please email us at if you have additional questions. Take care!

bArctic bCool

I decided to get this for my sun-loving pittie, Remy. He loves to play in the sun so much that even in the southwest summer heat he will play for hours until he has near exhausted himself. I usually had to force him inside to give him a chance to cool down (and he did so begrudgingly). The first time he wore it was for our morning walk. Usually by the end of the walk, the heat has started to get uncomfortable, and there are patches where shade is scarce, so Remy is pretty beat by the end of the walk. This shirt helped a lot! Instead of having to bribe him back to the car, he was still energetic and noticeably less heated than previous days. Because of the type of harness he has to wear, I have to put the harness over his shirt, but he didn't seem to have any issues with chafing, for which I was very thankful!
Thank you Coolvio!

Hi Danielle. Thanks for your review. We are so happy that Remy loves his bArctic shirt and that it is helping him stay cooler and have more energy. We appreciate you sharing and please keep us posted on Remy's adventures. Take care!

Dog(s) Name: DaisyMae
bArtic Cooling Light Therapy Shirt

I got this for my Yorkie to cool her down she was feeling hot during the recent summer days, She seems to enjoy it.

Hi Victoria! Thanks so much for your review. We are so happy DaisyMae is enjoying her bArctic shirt. If you have any photos of DaisyMae in her bArctic, we would love to see them. Take care!

Dog(s) Name: Stewie
What we did not know we needed!

Stewie is an Albino Pekinese mix, so the "double whammy" of potential problems. His new shirt kept him cool and protected from the sun on a quick trip to the beach. I don't have to worry about him getting over-heated, since he is brachycephalic breed. As an added bonus, he was super handsome in his new shirt. We love our Barctic shirt!

Hi Heide!  Stewie is very handsome in his bArctic shirt.  We are very happy that Stewie could go to the beach and you didn't have to worry about him. Thanks for your feedback!

Dog(s) Name: Lexie
From Canada to the Carolinas

After spending the first 11 years of her life in Canada, Lexie was accustomed to extreme cold temperatures but the Carolina summers didn’t allow us to spend much outdoor time with her. This summer at 14 years old we could finally go out with her on the boat and know she would be comfortable and protected in her Coolvio shirt.

Hi Alana!  Wow, this is great.  We are glad that you are able to spend more time with Lexie outdoors in the summer, especially on the boat.

Dog(s) Name: Frida Frederiksen
Frida loves her Coolvio

I have really enjoyed working with Linda and Remi with their Coolvio shirts for my dog Frida. I believe Frida's shirt has really made a difference with keeping her more comfortable on her walks this summer. After multiple washings the fabric still looks fabulous.

Hi Laura! Thanks for your review. We are very happy that Frida loves her bArctic shirt and is more comfortable on her walks. Take care!

Dog(s) Name: Oliver
Oliver is staying cool!

Oliver gets so hot with his dark coat, his bArctic tee has really provided relief from the summer sun and heat so he can play longer!

Hi Aundrea! This is music to our ears. It is great that Oliver is staying cooler and is able to play longer in the sun. Thanks for sharing!

Dog(s) Name: Biggie Munn
Keeping Cool In Sunny South Florida

Living in SE Florida is so hot and Biggie gets overheated so easily. We usually have to stop to let him lay in the grass for a few minutes every block, in addition to water breaks. Tonight was the first time we only stopped for our water breaks and Biggie led the way for the full 45 min walk thanks to his new Coolvio shirt! I have no idea how it works, but it definitely WORKS! Biggie and I THANK YOU!!!

Hi Amy! This is wonderful. We are thrilled that the bArctic is helping Biggie Munn be able to enjoy his walks even more. Go Biggie Munn!

Dog(s) Name: Chewie
Sunny days!

Chewie gets sunburnt so easily, and with the summer being so hot, this has been a great addition to Chewie's wardrobe. Keeping him cool and protected for walks, beach days and porch lounges!

Hi Natasha! Chewie is such a cutie. We are glad that the bArctic is helping him stay cooler and be protected from the hot sun. Keep us updated on Chewie's outdoor adventures. Thanks!

Dog(s) Name: Amber
Good days on the porch!

One of Amber’s favorite activities is to hang out on the porch and enjoy the sun while watching the neighbors pass by. But since it gets very hot in the summers, she usually cannot enjoy the porch as much as she wants, she gets too hot after about 20 minutes and wants to go back inside. She has tried bArctic a few times now and she can stay on the porch for about 40-50 minutes without getting too hot or tired. It is awesome to see her enjoying the sun with us and feel comfortable...thanks to bArctic!

Hi Sara! We are happy that the bArctic is helping Amber stay cooler and more energized while doing one of her favorite activities. Thanks for sharing!

Dog(s) Name: Ted E. Bear
Much more relaxed & wants to wear all the time

He likes to wear his shirt all the time. Bought it to cool him down around the pool. But as you can see he loves wearing it inside too. I noticed how much calmer and more relaxed he is when wearing the shirt.

Hi Julie! Ted E. Bear is a cutie. We are glad that he loves his shirt so much that he wants to wear it all the time. Thanks for sharing.