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Totally “cool”

Penny, our black and gray Great Dane, loves her Coolvio shirt. Amazing how comfy it is for her even when playing with other big dogs at doggie day care. Highly recommend!

We are so happy to hear that Penny loves her bArctic and that it helps her at doggie day care! We appreciate your review and please keep us posted on Penny.

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Marielle B. (Fort Mill, South Carolina)
One happy pup!

We went to a festival yesterday and within 15 minutes, my golden retriever was anxious, panting, and her tail was down. She was hot, and she wasn’t happy. When we went into the shade, she perked up. My daughter noticed the coolvio vendor! Literally, the minute we put the product on, her demeanor changed! She was relaxed and happy. I was quite astonished. We spent the next 1.5 hours in the sun and heat; she was bouncing around, happy, and her tail was up and wagging the whole time! I am buying another one for my other dog! I usually don’t do long walks in the summer because we live in SC,and it’s too hot. Can’t wait to be able to continue our walks into the summer :) Oh, and the high visibility orange with reflective material is awesome too!

Hi Marielle!

It was wonderful meeting you, your daughter, and your pup! We are thrilled that the bArctic was able to make your pup cooler and more relaxed at the festival, so you all could continue having fun. Welcome to our Coolvio Crew!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Michael S. (Newton, North Carolina)
Great Product

Our Logan loves his new cool shirt

We are so happy that Logan LOVES his bArctic. He is a handsome boy and looks great in blue! Please keep us updated on Logan. We can't wait to see more pictures of him living the CoolvioLife!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
J.M. (Columbus, North Carolina)
Keeps Latte Going!

Latte is a nine month old miniature poodle who loves to run fast and play hard. Keeping him cool and hydrated is a must for this energizer bunny and the Coolvio bArctic shirt does a great job at keeping him fresh without slowing him down. The bright color also make him visible to passerbys and amongst other pups at the dog park.

Thanks for sharing. Latte is adorable. We are glad that the bArctic is helping Latte live his best life.

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Hayley O. (St. Petersburg, Florida)
More Stamina During Warm Days!

Remy is a rescue dog from One Tail At A Time in Chicago. Since moving to Florida, Remy has been searching for something to cool her down on walks so she can continue to keep living her best life. Since we found the bArctic Shirt, Remy has shown so much more stamina during warm days and is excited to go on long walks again. It is so wonderful to see an immediate improvement on quality of life for her. Thank you, Coolvio!

Thanks for your review. We are so happy that Remy loves her bArctic shirt and that it is helping her with the Florida heat. It is our goal to help dogs stay cooler, more comfortable, and have more energy. We are thrilled that we can do that for Remy!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Casey K. (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Ready For More!

Harley is not the most athletic dog and does not go for long walks. But he did 3 miles in his bArctic and was still ready for more!

Harley is a superstar! We look forward to seeing more of Harley in his future adventures!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Patricia C. (Cherryfield, Maine)
Game changer

We love our BArctic coolvio shirt! It makes hiking in a muggy, humid environment safer and more fun for Remy and gives me peace of mind. We can comfortably hike without being too nervous about lack of shade and the bright design keeps her easy to catch in view with the bright orange. We love our bArctic!

Thanks Patricia for sharing your wonderful picture of Remy and your experience with the bArctic!  Remy looks great in her shirt.  Other customers have also mentioned that our  Coolvio orange has helped them spot their dog quickly.   Please keep us updated on Remy's adventures. 

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Sharon K. (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Ginger Bear getting some relief from AZ heat!!

We live in Arizona and it’s hot here part of the year! I heard about this product and read the reviews and did my research. Impressed!! Thought this could help our dog for two reasons. First due to warm Arizona temps and also she was recently diagnosed with IBD and we noticed her medicine makes her a tad bit warmer. So she can wear this inside also on the days she might need it. Thanks bARtic!!!

Hi Sharon! We are thrilled that the bArctic is helping her stay cool in HOT Arizona. Ginger Bear is a cutie and we can’t wait to see more of her. Thanks so much for sharing!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Debra B. (New Port Richey, Florida)
Dog(s) Name: Pierre
Relief from hot Florida sun for senior dog

I was thrilled with how Pierre reacted while wearing his Coolvio bArtic shirt. The challenge was our last camping trip. Normally in the hot afternoon, our walks are very short. This time he was able to complete long walks and was not so exhausted from the heat when were we done. This bArtic shirt was of great assistance to our 11 year standard poodle! Best purchase Mom has made in a long time! :)

Hi Debra! It was great reading about your experience with the bArctic. It is wonderful that you and Pierre were able to spend more quality time together on your camping trip and walks. We can't wait to hear more about Pierre's outdoor adventures. Take care!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Kayla S. (Florence, South Carolina)
Dog(s) Name: Stella Louise
Worth it!

Being a French Bulldog my girl has a tough time staying cool in this South Carolina heat. I used to feel bad taking her with me to the lake or going for walks in the middle of the day because she would get so hot. There is a noticeable difference when she wears this shirt. She no longer pants heavily and seems quite comfortable going on any adventure at any time of day. This was a worthwhile purchase and I would recommend it to anyone considering making this investment in their dog’s health. Also, she gets lots of compliments for being so fashionable!

Hi Kayla!

We appreciate you sharing your experience! We are happy to hear that the bArctic has made such a positive impact for you and Stella Louise. She is a cutie and looks great in her shirt. Please keep us updated on Stella Louise.

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Kerry G. (Marfa, Texas)
Dog(s) Name: Stevie Jane
Black dog in the desert

Stevie Jane loves her Coolvio and it fits her perfectly!

Hi Kerry!

Thanks so much for sharing. We are delighted that Stevie Jane loves her bArctic and that it is the perfect fit. She looks adorable in her shirt. Please keep us posted on this desert pup.

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Sandy H. (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Dog(s) Name: Tater
Fireworks don't worry Tater now!

My Golden Retriever, Tater, has been terrified by fireworks since the day I rescued him. Every time he heard fireworks, Tater would pant and pace and try to hide, not settling down till the fireworks stopped. I was not looking forward to the July 4th fireworks, but remembered reading that the bArctic can also help with anxiety. On 4th of July, I slipped the bArctic onto Tater early in the afternoon and kept it on him. When night approached and the fireworks began, I watched to see what would happen. To my surprise, Tater laid down on the floor and acted like nothing was going on. He stayed quiet the entire time, and I could not believe it. I know this shirt is supposed to keep dogs cool, but, in this circumstance, I sure did have one "cool" dog. Just thought you would like to know. Tater asked me to thank you for his shirt. So THANK YOU!

Hi Sandy!

Thank you for sharing Tater's experience about how the bArctic helped with his fireworks anxiety. It make us happy to know that Tater was relaxed, calm and not panting. We are glad that the bArctic made a HUGE difference for Tater and for you. Please keep us posted on Tater.

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Kristi M. (Cherry Hill, New Jersey)
Diva Approved! 🤩

Chanel is sensitive to the heat and burns easily in the sun. The bArctic shirt really has made all the difference with walks in the summer. It keeps her cool and protects her from harmful UV rays all the while soaking up the health benefits of light therapy! I also love that it is lightweight and you do not have to soak it in water for the cooling effect.

Hi Kristi! We love hearing that the bArctic is helping the quality of life for pups like Chanel who is able to enjoy her walks in the summer. We also love hearing that the bArctic is making things easier for owners, too! Enjoy your walks!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Lauren M. (Greensboro, North Carolina)
Dog(s) Name: Snaxx
Keeps my girl on the go!

Snaxx loves to hike, but NC summers are hard on her. Thanks to Coolvio she can still get her exercise during the warmer months, all while staying cool and comfortable. Snaxx loves her bArctic!!🐾

Hi Lauren! This is the kind of news we love to hear! It is so important for dogs to get exercise. Having dogs able to stay active outdoors in the warmer weather, while staying cool and comfortable, is why we made the bArctic. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Snaxx is a cutie pie!

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bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Tammie B. (Temple City, California)
Dog(s) Name: Brodie
Kept my pup cool

My pup has been training for his first backpacking trip. Since we're in warm Southern California, I wanted to do everything I could to keep him cool. I saw someone post this on Facebook and thought I'd give it a try. My pup has worn it on a few hikes and his backpacking trip and it definitely seemed to help.

Hi Tammie! Thanks for your wonderful feedback.  Your pup is adorable!  We are glad that he had a great backpacking trip.  Seeing is believing, and we are delighted that you noticed that your pup was cool and comfortable.  Please keep us posted on his future trips.  We love seeing pictures!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Cassi A. (Anacortes, Washington)
Five Stars! SUPER! 🐾

We compete in canine sports, and needed a lightweight, cooling item that didn't require water and allows movement of the dog. These are just what we were looking for!

Thanks Cassi for your review! Zendora is amazing. We are happy that the bArctic is what you need to help this powerhouse pup compete! We can't wait to see more photos of her.

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Jean (Naperville, Illinois)
It’s a win!

It’s been really hot and humid here so I’ve been looking for cooling shirts/vests to keep my furbaby Chewie cool during the summer. We ordered the coolvio shirt and immediately fell in love with it! I spray water on it to keep him extra cool and it has been working. I also love that the shirt converts harmful uv rays into healthy infrared lights which was a huge reason why I also went with this brand compared to others.

Hi Jean! Chewie is absolutely adorable! We appreciate you sharing your experience with the bArctic. Our goal was to help dogs stay cooler, more comfortable, and have more energy, and we are happy that we can do that for you and Chewie. Please keep us posted on Chewie's outdoor fun!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Melissa A. (Conway, South Carolina)
Cool and Cute!

They are staying cool and cute!

They look adorable chillaxing on the patio together. We are happy they love their bArctic shirts!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Jessica K. (Redmond, Washington)
Dog(s) Name: Spock
Great Shirt!

Love the Coolvio shirt. It is adorable, fits well and doesn't get in the way of my dog hiking and rock climbing. It appears to keep him cool and works even better when wet

Hi Jessica! Thank you for your wonderful review. We are delighted that you love the bArctic and that it is helping Spock stay cool on his fun outdoor adventures. Please stay in touch and we look forward to seeing Spock living the Coolvio Life!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Melissa R. (Binghamton, New York)
AMAZED how it kept him cool and comfortable

Ran the US Canine Biathlon with my dog, Ace. It definitely worked. Heat was not an issue at all even with running the 4+miles.

Hi Melissa! You and Ace make a great team. Thanks for letting us know about your experience. We are glad that you had the chance to see how great the bArctic works!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Paola F. (San Juan)
Amazing shirts!

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of our doggies having fun at the beach with their Coolvio Barctic Dog Shirt. We were supporters in the Kickstarter stage and now that we adopted our 2nd dog, this was one of our first purchases. They were amazing. Were very happy with the shirts!

Hi Paola! We are glad that Chino and Leo not only have each other, but their bArctics, so they can enjoy as much beach time together as possible!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Linda H. (Washington, Utah)
Dog(s) Name: Hurley
Keeps my dog running

It's getting hot in my area and the Coolvio shirt has made a big difference in my dog getting his exercise. He likes wearing it and runs more when he has it on. Love the product!

Hi Linda! Your comments are music to our ears. We are thrilled to know that the bArctic is making a positive impact for Hurley! Thanks for sharing and please keep us posted!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Jacob M. (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Play harder and longer without worrying!

Love our bArtic shirt! Gone are the days of applying vigorous sunscreen every two hours and having to take several breaks in between walks. This really works! North Carolina summers can get so hot, now I can have peace of mind knowing my pup can keep up no matter what!

It is great that your pup loves her bArctic shirt! Sunscreen is messy and blocks the healthy wavelengths of sunlight that dogs need. We are happy that she is getting the light therapy benefits needed for optimal health and comfort. We can't wait to see more pics. of your adorable pup!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Rebekah C. (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Dog(s) Name: Rhaego
If it is sunny out, he's is wearing it!

Rhaego LOVES wearing his bArctic shirt all the time! Rhaego goes swimming in it and also plays fetch, hikes, and goes on walks in it! Pretty much anytime it’s sunny out, he’s wearing it. It’s to the point where he gets excited if I reach for it to put it on him because he knows he’s about to go play!

We are delighted that Rhaego LOVES his bArctic! Your pictures are awesome. We are glad to see him wearing it in the pool. Many people ask if the bArctic can get wet and we let them know that it works when wet or dry. If it gets wet, there is an extra boost of coolness because of natural evaporation. Thanks for sharing and take care!

bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt
Christine W. (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Dog(s) Name: Elmer
Having a blast in his bArctic!

I got my shirt to help my bulldog Elmer out on warmer days at daycare. Here he is running around having a blast in it- it was great to have peace of mind he was staying cool in his new shirt while we were out of town and it allowed him stay outside longer!

We are thrilled that the bArctic shirt is helping Elmer, outside in the heat, at doggie daycare! He looks very happy. Please stay in touch and keep us posted!