Q: How does red and near-infrared light therapy help my dog?

A: Studies have shown these wavelengths of light provide an energy boost to the cells, which improves cellular functionality and the result is a wide range of health benefits. This is the same healthy light used in laser therapy by veterinarians to reduce joint and muscle pain and inflammation. Agility dog owner, Veterinarian Courtney Holscher, says her dog trains outside in the heat in her bArctic and “it really helps keep her cool, and improves her times, helps her to not get overheated and not as tired as quickly”.

Q: How easy is it to get the bArctic on and off my dog? 

A: We've had similar questions from people who have tried our pilot bArctic shirts. They have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is because the fabric is stretchy. We thought it would be helpful to see this in action. So we reached out to one of our models – please check out our Easy On – Easy Off! video . As you can tell, George is a senior dog and getting the bArctic on and off of him is a snap!

Q: Do you have any other colors?

A: We have the ability to make a variety of other colors in several combinations (see below). The cost and minimum orders are very high for each new color, so as a startup company, we chose just orange and grey for our first product. We are planning to offer more colors spring 2021.

Q: Can the bArctic help prevent sunburns?

A: Yes. Our special patented fabric converts 98% of the harmful UVA and UVB light that causes sunburn into healthy red and near-infrared light. So, most of the sunburn causing light doesn’t reach your dog’s skin. Bonus: no messy sunscreen and our fabric lets the healthy light in (see previous question)!

Q: My dog doesn't like wearing clothing or never has, will they like wearing the bArctic?

A: Many dog owners had the same question during our research and development stage and found that their dog loves wearing the bArctic, like Lisa, who was pleasantly surprised by Wolfgang's reaction to wearing the bArctic — “Our Labradoodle, Wolfgang, usually freaks out  if we try to get him to wear ANYTHING. Halloween costumes, sweaters, raincoats...even life jackets when we’re on the lake...cause him to stand frozen and he won’t move a step til we take it off. We were shocked when we put the bArctic on him and he happily wore it all day! We think he secretly loves it! Thank you!” video

Q: Can the bArctic get wet?

A: Yes! Bonus — the cooling effect of our patented technology is improved through natural evaporation if the bArctic gets wet (but it’s not necessary) and with very little water — only a few ounces to barely wet the bArctic — and your dog doesn’t even have to get wet or be messy and uncomfortable!

Q: Will anything worn over the bArctic impact the effectiveness of the fabric technology (like a harness, patches, life jacket, or decorative paints, etc)? 

A: Yes. Our patented fabric technology uses sunlight to work.  Anything that blocks sunlight from reaching our fabric will hinder the effectiveness.  Harnesses made of straps that do not cover a large portion of the bArctic’s patented fabric will not noticeably impact the effectiveness. Here is what Casey K. in St. Petersburg FL says about the harness on Sammy: “Wow does this work! I have to say I didn’t think I’d be leaving a review after one run. But wow does this work! We have only been running 3 miles a day because it’s August in Florida and today with the Coolvio coat we not only went 4 miles but he didn’t pull me into the shade, didn’t try to roll in wet grass and his water consumption was half! I am so impressed and it was well worth the money. Also, his harness didn’t impede on the coat at all.” 

(Note: Prior to use with your bArctic, inspect your harness for worn or rough areas that could damage the shirt.)