bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt

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Please visit our Sizing Chart Page to make sure you get the best fit for your dog.

Product Description

The bArctic creates a microclimate that allows your dog to spend more time outside year-round, soaking up healthy rays of sunlight known to be essential for optimal health; warms in cool temps, cools in hot sun, reduces risk of overheating. Coolvio® patented fabric technology converts sunlight, including harmful UV light, into healthy red and near-infrared light through laser physics and optics.  This is the same light veterinarians use in laser treatments that activates cellular energy, triggering a variety of wellness benefits. 100% Made in USA.

Fabric Content
95% Polyester/5% Spandex

Wash Instructions
Turn inside out and machine or hand wash cold with like colors and hang dry (do not dry clean, iron or bleach).

Satisfaction Guarantee
We have a 100% Tail Wagging Guarantee!  If for any reason, you are unhappy with the fit or performance of your bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt, contact us at within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

See our P.A.W.S. User Guide for tips to protect your dog and maximize playtime outside = Plan + Act + Watch + Stay Cool!!   

Additional Guidance
Please note that wear and use of dog clothing should always be supervised. Never leave your dog unattended while wearing the bArctic. For dogs with injuries, please consult your veterinarian prior to having them wearing dog apparel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Rachel W. (Brookfield, Wisconsin)
Dog(s) Name: Daisy
It really helps!

We are very pleased with our Coolvio shirt! It does seem to help keep my pup a bit cooler. She isn’t as thirsty on the hot days when wearing her Coolvio shirt. I love the convenience that it doesn’t require any prep and that it is effective in humidity, unlike evaporative cooling products. The XS fits my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel like a glove. Can’t say enough about the customer service! Remi was very responsive and hooked me up with their last orange hi-vis XS. The quick shipping and personal note was the cherry on the top! Thanks to the Coolvio team!

Angel M. (Columbus, North Carolina)
Dog(s) Name: Leo

I love the idea and I love the product.

Nevel (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Human Coolvio

Would love a t-shirt to match my dogs vest. Humans get hit as well.

Hi Howard!

We hope your furry friend is enjoying their High Visibility bArctic shirt. We would love to see pictures. As I mentioned in my Thank You note, Lumiton ( is our sister company and produces human apparel. They currently do not have a matching shirt, but they have some wonderful, bright colors.

Brenda V. (Reno, Nevada)
Dog(s) Name: Saban and Quique
My dogs love this!

It gets really hot and really humid where we live. I was worried for our pups and it didn't matter if it was 5am or 10pm the humidity was relentless. I was very skeptical that this worked in the huminity, and frankly was scarred to try them. These made a huge difference and my pups were able to go to their training sessions. I made little alterations for Saban (right) because he has large shoulders otherwise the small fit them well. The team was really responsive and answered all my questions. My dogs loved their shirts so much we had to buy a 2nd set!

Hi Brenda! Your review makes us so happy! We are delighted that your pups are loving their shirts and that it's helping them in the hot and humid weather. Please stay in touch!

Ann S. (Chicago, Illinois)
Dog(s) Name: Maize

The high visibility is awesome around here in Wisconsin at this time of year. It's deer hunting season.

Hi Ann! Thanks for sharing. Maize looks AWESOME in the all orange. We are thrilled that our high visibility shirt is not only providing her with light therapy benefits for health, energy, and comfort, but also making her highly visible, especially during hunting season.

Len W. (Dallas, Texas)
Dog(s) Name: Chester
Exactly What We Needed

Chester, a 12 year (approx) old English Pointer / Brittany Spaniel mix returned to my life a year ago after being adopted via a rescue about 10 years ago.

For the past 8 months or so, he has been under the care of a dermatologist for multiple issues - one being solar elastosis. This was a condition that caused skin damage (he is short haired with natural thin or missing hair on his abdomen, chest, inner legs, etc). He also suffers from Panniculitis and environmental allergies.

The dermatologist prescribed Tretinoin (which can make him even more subject to the harshness of the sun), sunscreen 50+, and a protective solar shirt.

I bought two different shirts, but neither worked for him. Chester loves to be outside chasing the squirrels all day, so it was imperative to find something that fit, was durable, would work for the hot Texas sun, was easy to wash and dried quickly, and that he was not bothered by.

The Coolvio bArctic shirt was perfect. Multiple size options let us get a Medium long, which covered the areas that needed to be covered. The material was breathable, so he has done well in the heat. It is filthy most of the time because he stays in the clay dirt I have in my backyard during the day, but easily handwashes (I have not tried machine washing) and is dry by morning.

I plan to purchase additional shirts in the future. I was worried the fabric might snag, but have not had any problems with that since I got it a month or two ago. And, his dermatologist was quite impressed with the shirt!

No pictures, since the shirt predictably dirty right now. I will try to get a shot it the future before he goes outside. Had I chosen other colors than one with white, this might not be so obvious that he lays in the dirt all day.

Hi Len!

Thank you for sharing Chester's story. It makes us happy to know that the bArctic is protecting Chester while he is outside. Please give Chester a big hug from us and keep us posted on his progress! Take care!