bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt

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Product Description

The bArctic creates a microclimate that allows your dog to spend more time outside year-round, soaking up healthy rays of sunlight known to be essential for optimal health; warms in cool temps, cools in hot sun, reduces risk of overheating. Coolvio® patented fabric technology converts sunlight, including harmful UV light, into healthy red and near-infrared light through laser physics and optics.  This is the same light veterinarians use in laser treatments that activates cellular energy, triggering a variety of wellness benefits. 100% Made in USA.

Fabric Content
95% Polyester/5% Spandex

Wash Instructions
Turn inside out and machine or hand wash cold with like colors and hang dry (do not dry clean, iron or bleach).

See our P.A.W.S. User Guide for tips to protect your dog and maximize playtime outside = Plan + Act + Watch + Stay Cool!!   

Additional Guidance
Please note that wear and use of dog clothing should always be supervised. Never leave your dog unattended while wearing the bArctic. For dogs with injuries, please consult your veterinarian prior to having them wearing dog apparel.

Customer Reviews

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Cool to the touch!

I have been meaning to send this picture to you for sometime now - better late than never.  Shortly after you shipped me the two cooling jackets, my two Afghan Hounds competed in a lure coursing event near Milwaukee.  It was hot and they needed a cool down. To be honest, when I was putting them on, I was pretty skeptical that they would do anything. Everybody else was using something involving water.  Normally after competing, I can feel the heat radiating off them, especially the black one.  To my surprise, when I put my hand under the jackets a few minutes after putting them on, both of them felt cool to the touch.  And, as you can see, they were lounging pretty comfortably.

Hi Bruce! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. We are thrilled when we get wonderful feedback from our customers, everything from keeping dogs cooler and more comfortable, to improved energy and endurance. We are glad that you could feel a remarkable difference when your dogs wore their bArctics. Please keep in touch, we would love to hear more about your dogs' adventures.

Four paws up for my bArctic!

I love wearing my bArctic at the beach! Being able to run and play all day without overheating is amazing. There are so many sky squirrels (seagulls) to chase and I’m able to chase them to my heart’s content while wearing my bArctic!

I’ve also worn it to the dog park and it helped keep me clean and cool during the hot summer days. While the other dogs were slowing down, I was able to keep going!

Way to go Mia! We are happy that your bArctic allows you to chase the seagulls and your dog friends without slowing down, so you can keep having fun. Please keep us posted on your adventures! We look forward to seeing more pictures. ❤️

Dog(s) Name: Maple
Loves wearing her bArctic!

Maple loves wearing her bArctic on walks. She also loves💕 wearing her shirt even in the house!

We are glad that Maple loves her bArctic. It fits perfectly!

Perfect for sun protection and cooling!

Ollie and Bentley are American Hairless Terriers that love going outside and having fun, but they need the bArctic shirts for sun protection, not only for cooling them down.

Hi Magdalena! The bArctic is perfect for hairless breeds and we are glad that Ollie and Bentley are staying protected and cool in the sun. Another great benefit of the bArctic is that it does not block the healthy light that their bodies need. Take care and keep us posted on their outdoor adventures.

it works well

very impressed how the dogs on hot and humid weather!

Hi Mikki,

Thanks for your review! It makes us happy to know that your dogs love their bArctics and that it is keeping them cooler in Japan. Take care!

Love My bArctic!🐾

This is my favorite shirt ever. When my Dogma gets it out for me, I run over to put it on (I don’t do that with other outfits~ especially my raincoat!). It fits pawfectly, is lightweight, and I look so sporty in it. I can’t wait to see how cool it keeps me in summer, besides looking cool 😎 This is my second bArctic. I won the first and so I really wanted to thank this small business by purchasing a second one! Sincerely, Teddy Graham

Hi Teddy! We are delighted that you LOVE your bArctic shirt ❄️and that it fits perfectly! You do look cool in your shirt. Please keep us posted on all your adventures! ❤️