bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt

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Product Description

The bArctic creates a microclimate that allows your dog to spend more time outside year-round, soaking up healthy rays of sunlight known to be essential for optimal health; warms in cool temps, cools in hot sun, reduces risk of overheating. Coolvio® patented fabric technology converts sunlight, including harmful UV light, into healthy red and near-infrared light through laser physics and optics.  This is the same light veterinarians use in laser treatments that activates cellular energy, triggering a variety of wellness benefits. 100% Made in USA.

Fabric Content
95% Polyester/5% Spandex

Wash Instructions
Turn inside out and machine or hand wash cold with like colors and hang dry (do not dry clean, iron or bleach).

Satisfaction Guarantee
We have a 100% Tail Wagging Guarantee!  If for any reason, you are unhappy with the fit or performance of your bArctic Light Therapy Dog Shirt, contact us at within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

See our P.A.W.S. User Guide for tips to protect your dog and maximize playtime outside = Plan + Act + Watch + Stay Cool!!   

Additional Guidance
Please note that wear and use of dog clothing should always be supervised. Never leave your dog unattended while wearing the bArctic. For dogs with injuries, please consult your veterinarian prior to having them wearing dog apparel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Sharon K. (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Ginger Bear getting some relief from AZ heat!!

We live in Arizona and it’s hot here part of the year! I heard about this product and read the reviews and did my research. Impressed!! Thought this could help our dog for two reasons. First due to warm Arizona temps and also she was recently diagnosed with IBD and we noticed her medicine makes her a tad bit warmer. So she can wear this inside also on the days she might need it. Thanks bARtic!!!

Hi Sharon! We are thrilled that the bArctic is helping her stay cool in HOT Arizona. Ginger Bear is a cutie and we can’t wait to see more of her. Thanks so much for sharing!

Debra B. (New Port Richey, Florida)
Dog(s) Name: Pierre
Relief from hot Florida sun for senior dog

I was thrilled with how Pierre reacted while wearing his Coolvio bArtic shirt. The challenge was our last camping trip. Normally in the hot afternoon, our walks are very short. This time he was able to complete long walks and was not so exhausted from the heat when were we done. This bArtic shirt was of great assistance to our 11 year standard poodle! Best purchase Mom has made in a long time! :)

Hi Debra! It was great reading about your experience with the bArctic. It is wonderful that you and Pierre were able to spend more quality time together on your camping trip and walks. We can't wait to hear more about Pierre's outdoor adventures. Take care!

Kayla S. (Florence, South Carolina)
Dog(s) Name: Stella Louise
Worth it!

Being a French Bulldog my girl has a tough time staying cool in this South Carolina heat. I used to feel bad taking her with me to the lake or going for walks in the middle of the day because she would get so hot. There is a noticeable difference when she wears this shirt. She no longer pants heavily and seems quite comfortable going on any adventure at any time of day. This was a worthwhile purchase and I would recommend it to anyone considering making this investment in their dog’s health. Also, she gets lots of compliments for being so fashionable!

Hi Kayla!

We appreciate you sharing your experience! We are happy to hear that the bArctic has made such a positive impact for you and Stella Louise. She is a cutie and looks great in her shirt. Please keep us updated on Stella Louise.

Kerry G. (Marfa, Texas)
Dog(s) Name: Stevie Jane
Black dog in the desert

Stevie Jane loves her Coolvio and it fits her perfectly!

Hi Kerry!

Thanks so much for sharing. We are delighted that Stevie Jane loves her bArctic and that it is the perfect fit. She looks adorable in her shirt. Please keep us posted on this desert pup.

Sandy H. (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Dog(s) Name: Tater
Fireworks don't worry Tater now!

My Golden Retriever, Tater, has been terrified by fireworks since the day I rescued him. Every time he heard fireworks, Tater would pant and pace and try to hide, not settling down till the fireworks stopped. I was not looking forward to the July 4th fireworks, but remembered reading that the bArctic can also help with anxiety. On 4th of July, I slipped the bArctic onto Tater early in the afternoon and kept it on him. When night approached and the fireworks began, I watched to see what would happen. To my surprise, Tater laid down on the floor and acted like nothing was going on. He stayed quiet the entire time, and I could not believe it. I know this shirt is supposed to keep dogs cool, but, in this circumstance, I sure did have one "cool" dog. Just thought you would like to know. Tater asked me to thank you for his shirt. So THANK YOU!

Hi Sandy!

Thank you for sharing Tater's experience about how the bArctic helped with his fireworks anxiety. It make us happy to know that Tater was relaxed, calm and not panting. We are glad that the bArctic made a HUGE difference for Tater and for you. Please keep us posted on Tater.

Kristi M. (Cherry Hill, New Jersey)
Diva Approved! 🤩

Chanel is sensitive to the heat and burns easily in the sun. The bArctic shirt really has made all the difference with walks in the summer. It keeps her cool and protects her from harmful UV rays all the while soaking up the health benefits of light therapy! I also love that it is lightweight and you do not have to soak it in water for the cooling effect.

Hi Kristi! We love hearing that the bArctic is helping the quality of life for pups like Chanel who is able to enjoy her walks in the summer. We also love hearing that the bArctic is making things easier for owners, too! Enjoy your walks!