It’s not often you get to meet the creators of innovative dog products but on Sunday, December 13th from 1pm-4pm, you can! The founders and creators of the bArctic Light Therapy + Cooling Dog Shirt, Linda Coad and Remi Haygood, will be at *Skiptown to personally fit your dog in a bArctic as well as answer questions about their high-tech dog shirt.  They will be in the off-leash area outside, so this is your chance to try the bArctic on your dog where you’ll be able to see your dog play and move around to help you choose the best fit. 

Winner of the Dogster Editor’s Choice Award, the bArctic is the perfect gift for your dog or dog parent in your life! The bArctic was invented by two Charlotte physicists and manufactured in North Carolina. Come out and support a small, woman-owned, innovative local business - AND you’ll save 20% off your order that day!

Through the cutting edge science of laser physics and optics, the bArctic is made with newly patented fabric technology that converts sunlight into healthy red and near-infrared light. These are the same wavelengths of light used by veterinarians in laser treatments for dogs and are proven to provide a wide range of health benefits; including optimal cellular functionality and recovery, pain management, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and more. 

The bArctic helps make up for the light dogs lose out on by spending time inside - and they need these healthy wavelengths of light to maximize their health! 

In addition to year-round light therapy, the bArctic also creates a microclimate for your dog, offering an added layer for warmth in the winter and cooling relief in the hot sun - up to 30+ degrees cooler as shown in the thermal images below.

To learn more about the bArctic and all its health benefits, go to

*PLEASE NOTE: Before you arrive, remember to download the Skiptown app and upload your dog’s vet records - Skiptown charges a $15 admission fee + $5 for each additional dog for non-members.