Happy Birthday Coolvio (1-Year)!

Audrey at Beach

Happy Birthday Coolvio!

We’re celebrating the day Coolvio was born - April 28, 2019!

On this exact day last year, I was ready for a day at the beach with my family – including, of course, my dog, Audrey. A few minutes into playing frisbee, Audrey was panting, and searching for water and shade. I was concerned that I would have to take her back to the beach house and she’d miss out on the fun day we had planned. Luckily, I had MY shade shirt that I had worn to keep cool in the sun. I put it on Audrey, and she was back to her cool, comfortable self and played non-stop the rest of the day.

Hmm. This was a game-changer and got me thinking...

I immediately contacted the makers of the original fabric and asked, “Why don’t you make a cooling shirt like this for dogs?” to which they encouraged, “Why don’t YOU make a cooling shirt for dogs?” I certainly was not thinking about getting into the pet apparel business, but if that is what it took to help Audrey and other dogs beat the heat, I was all in!

It’s fulfilling to be on this Coolvio journey. Even now during the pandemic, oddly enough. I live on a busy street near Charlotte, and I love seeing people outside walking their dogs more than ever – and I want our four-legged friends to be as comfortable as possible. As the summer heat approaches (expected to be the hottest recorded one ever, according to NOAA), our dogs need protection and comfort, just like we do. I am delighted to know that my journey has brought me to a place where our bArctic Cooling Dog Shirt can help our furry companions.

Now, where’s the birthday cake?!

Linda Coad, CEO and Co-Founder